I never saw ebooks as simply a print book without paper. It struck me that ebooks offer the opportunity to be more than transferring words on paper to words on screen, or to be just an easy way out for self-publishing authors and publishers with extensive backlists to put their titles on the market. I thought that was throwing away the potential of books published on electronic media. So I looked for ways to experiment. I found it at a medieval feast.

Chef Channon Mondoux put on a banquet for several hundred medievalists here in Kalamazoo, Mich. She had meticulously researched recipes from the 16th century Ottoman Empire and earlier centuries that would have been served at the palace of S├╝leyman the Magnificent in Constantinople, now known as the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul. I covered the feast for a magazine, but I thought this was too cool, too exotic. I found the subject for my experiment. More